All-Hazards Planning Guide to Effective Major Event Management
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For the stakeholders involved, all-hazards planning is absolutely integral to effective major event management. The reason is clear: major events simply pose an outsized security risk, especially if they’re viewed as political, social, or religious in orientation.
And not just security risk, major events create all kinds of operational risk, too, risk that requires lengthy planning cycles and extensive training. Even then, it’s all too easy to get major event management wrong. What’s, then, to be done in order to avert major-event disaster and enhance the emergency response capabilities of all event stakeholders? 
The answer isn’t so simple. That’s why we created a handy all-hazards planning guide to major events. The guide walks stakeholders through the finer points of large-scale event planning, including duty of care, interoperability, and emergency action planning (EAP) with the goal of controlling major risks and keeping your publics safe.