What We Do

We’re a growing software development company with its roots in Australia. Ultimately, our goal is to help people manage disruption smarter, to do it exceptionally, and to make a difference along the way.

Our highly configurable and event-agnostic software has been battle tested in some of the biggest disruptions to communities and corporations the world over. We get to help organisations respond to natural and man-made hazards and crises; homeland security related incidents; and any other emergencies that may threaten the safety and well-being of their citizens, employees, assets and communities.

Over the years, we’ve grown our product capability and our reputation for no BS, rolling up our sleeves, and getting on with the job. We have many different types of Noggins: some conceptualise and design, some build and implement, some support and ensure success, others sell and market – and some Noggins do a combination of these. One thing all Noggins have in common is that we’re intelligent problem solvers who are committed to delivering excellent outcomes no matter what we do.

To find out more about the power of our software, the problems we solve and what we can achieve, please head over to our blog and resources page.

Our Teams
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Solution Delivery

We’re a team made up of smart, solution-oriented and technically curious systems analysts, implementation consultants and project managers. We’re problem solvers at heart and we love coming up with well-thought-out and pragmatic solutions. Our work is varied, every software implementation comes with its own set of challenges to overcome and we’re armed with a unique, configurable software platform to do this. We make the magic happen by building very smart, specific solutions for a massive array of use cases across many industries. We are experts in translating business cases (not matter how obscure) into functional designs, and then developing and delivering best practise solutions to our clients.

We look for people who are excited at the prospect of building something real, who are analytical at heart and who are passionate about getting elbows deep into solving our customer’s problems. As Noggins, we’re constantly looking for new problems to solve and unique ways tackle them.

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Product Team

We are not only responsible for the products we sell, but we are also the experts in driving our product’s direction, innovation and market competitiveness. With our passionate and highly motivated SME’s, product managers and design teams - we work collaboratively to achieve this. We don’t just work within our own functional area, we love to get across the business and collaborate with the different functions to ensure that we are always at the top of our game. We’re anticipatory in nature, our job is to look ahead and discover what we need to do to ensure that our products and solutions are solving our customers’ problems – before they even know they have one.

If you have good design instincts, you’re an analytical thinker who wants to be challenged daily and have had some leadership exposure, then this might just be the career path for you. Being a part of our team means you’ll have the opportunity to communicate with and present to our senior leadership team as well as being exposed to a wide variety of customers – needless to say, you’ll never have a dull moment in our team!

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Corporate Services

Our team doesn’t just provide services, our work drives growth in the business. Whether it’s providing live financial insights for corporate performance or bringing the right talent into the business, our team is at the core of ensuring that the rest of the business has the best platform to succeed. Our Finance and People functions are not just about crunching numbers, admin processes and recruitment. Our focus is to ensure that the high level of trust our executives have in us is maintained by effectively bringing the entire company along the journey with us.

We’re hard workers, empowered to go out into the business and tackle problems using our own initiative. We’re high performers with our own personal objectives but we also work collaboratively and in a non-competitive manner. We look for individuals to join our team who don’t settle but instead, who see beyond the obvious and aren’t afraid to push things further and drive improvement.



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IT Operations and Development

We are more than just a team of tech people, we are a group of individuals who are driven and motivated to deliver excellence in the services we provide to our customers and across the business. Our team is made up of enthusiastic and pragmatic product support analysts, service delivery specialists, solution architects, developers and testers. We love to tackle different problems every day. Irrespective of our individual roles, our primary goal is to support and drive the development and improvement of Noggin’s products.

Joining our team will give you the opportunity to contribute to our product’s direction and success through a collaborative effort with other business units. A successful candidate would have the desire to do something meaningful and be creative, to push beyond your IT background, and to be up-to-date with the latest technologies.

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Our team is responsible for the overall presentation of Noggin as a company both internally and externally. Our content writers, designers and the management team work closely together to ensure we present ourselves in the best way possible. We are creative story-tellers and an agency within Noggin collaborating across different areas of the business to help us share our success stories with the public. We are hungry people who seek to always do more and do it better.

The projects we work on are not only exciting but also meaningful. We work in a fast-paced environment and you will see the results of your hard-work quite quickly. We are always looking for creative thinkers, go-getters, puzzlers and those who like being challenged!



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Sales & Customer Success

There’s a lot more to business development at Noggin than just selling products to customers. We build strong relationships and ensure that we are getting our unique solutions out to the market. We are strategic thinkers, problem solvers and influencers who work together to tackle some of the most complex problems our customers have to offer. Our sales, solution consulting and customer success teams work closely together to create an open and communicative culture where we bounce ideas off one another and achieve success together.

We are the face of Noggin so it’s critical that we really understand our products, customers and our markets to succeed. We’re a delivery-focused and target-driven team who are passionate about working alongside both new and existing customers to ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed their expectations. If you’re smart, pragmatic and hungry to succeed in a complex SaaS solution sales environment – we just might be the right team for you.

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Meet Some Noggins


“Noggin is a place where everyone works in an amalgamation on projects in order to develop solutions that add value to our customers' organisation as well as society. My day as a configuration engineer starts with configuring solutions for the product team along with assisting off-shore configuration team.

The best thing about working in Noggin is that your voice would be heard and implemented as an action by your seniors, which makes you an integral part for the company. My key accomplishment in Noggin is working on ERM solution which is serving every corner in the society during COVID-19 pandemic."



“Do it smarter is a core value for our business that really resonates with me. To me, it’s about focusing on one thing and being more productive. This helps me a lot in my role as a support analyst because we can often get distracted by new tasks coming in from support calls. Focusing on one thing at a time helps me ensure that I get more work done, faster, better and smarter.

I had the opportunity to introduce a valuable improvement when I noticed that our team needed a better technical understanding of our software. I suggested we arrange a training session together with subject matter experts across the business to share knowledge and help my team to provide smarter and faster solutions for our clients, without necessarily passing the problem up the line to others. We collated all of the team’s questions and had a really powerful workshop which helped us to understand the application better. It was a simple, and collaborative way of upskilling ourselves.“



"One of the core Noggin values that has stuck with me is 'Die with a smile on your face'. The satisfaction of knowing that I have helped build systems that will not only solve day to day problems, but also play a big role in potentially saving lives, motivates me every day. At Noggin we focus on solving a vast array of problems for our customers around reporting and managing major events, incidents and crisis.

Equally rewarding is the experience of working with different teams within Noggin. It is absolutely amazing to be part of a culture that values and supports you at every step. As an Implementation Consultant, I take the client through a journey where I spend time with them to understand their current processes and pain points and then design a solution that will help them in doing their day to day tasks efficiently. During this, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on a variety of projects around security, OHS, crisis management and specific incident management systems catered to organisations. It is truly a great feeling to have a new challenge every day."



“One of the great things about working at Noggin, is that we get the opportunity to work on incredibly interesting and varied projects from day to day. Due to the fast-paced, changing environment we work in, there’s always an opportunity to try new things to help get a better outcome. Everyone’s ideas are taken into consideration and given a shot.

On the back of our latest product launch, we had to define an entirely new sales model to support the product. We started from scratch which required new processes to be built, an entire new function to be set up, and new materials to be created to support it. I had the opportunity to work very closely in building all of these aspects and successfully launched the product. It was definitely challenging, but well worth it once we stepped back and looked at what we’d achieved. It’s really awesome to be a part of an organization that is so innovative and really cares about improving processes as well as iterating on past successes to achieve great results.”



“I was hired as a graduate assistant accountant and while I am still relatively new at Noggin, my experience so far is that the work processes are clear, efficient and intelligent. My focus is on doing my day to day role well but I have also had the opportunity to be exposed to new responsibilities like payroll and reporting. I see myself handling more responsibilities in my future at Noggin and look forward to continuing my growth here."

How We Hire

How We Recruit at Noggin

Our approach is multi-faceted and evidence based with a strong focus on capability and culture fit. Both are equally important in ensuring your success at Noggin. We want to be sure that you’ll be able to perform well in your role at Noggin and that we can offer you the right opportunities to continue to develop your career long-term.

To ensure that we hire the best and brightest, we usually follow a three to four stage interview process. This starts with a phone screen, followed by a discovery interview and skills assessment. The final stage of the process is our culture interview. You can find out more about each stage below.



The phone interview is focused on better understanding what makes you tick and whether Noggin is the right place for you to unleash your potential.

If we find it’s a mutual match, we’ll then bring you in for a discovery interview to meet the hiring manager (and some other Noggins) to tell us more about your work history, achievements and how you like to solve problems. Of course, we’d love to answer some of your questions too.

After the discovery interview, assuming all goes well, we’ll then ask you to complete an assessment which is usually a sample of the kind of work you’d be doing in your role and may involve an interview component as well.

Finally, the culture interview is focused on understanding whether the fit goes both ways and we share common values. We will ask you questions about the type of people, culture and environment that would see you flourish. You are, after all, going to be spending a lot of time with your fellow Noggins – so we want to make sure we get this right!


Skills Assessments

We’re a pragmatic bunch who loves to solve complex problems – and so we like to make sure that you do too! This is why we will typically ask you to complete some kind of skills assessment during the interview process. The skills assessments can be anything from a technical test to a role play, or even a presentation on some of the work you’ve produced in your career so far.

Of course it won’t be all of these – we tailor each assessment to suit the nature of the work you’ll be doing with us and what’s most important to your success.


Reference Checks

Reference checks are our way of bringing the whole process together, they’re the ‘cherry on top’ so to speak. We don’t just use them to ask pass/fail questions and make sure you turned up to work on time – that doesn’t add value. Instead, we like to get insights from your past employers and colleagues on what you’re really good at, where you might need additional support and how to set you up for success by managing you in a way that you respond well to.



We’re a collaborative, communicative bunch of people and so we like to keep you updated throughout your journey as a candidate with Noggin. We will work with you to schedule in each stage of the interview process at a time that works for you as well as us – and we use the latest in recruitment technology to do this. Regardless of the outcome of your application or interviews, we will always give you an update as soon as practical – usually within a week or so.



We want you to be as informed as possible – so if you have any questions, please contact our Talent Acquisition team by emailing talent@noggin.io.

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