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Aviation - Airline Inspections & Audits


This module provides Airline Inspections and Compliance Audits.


  • Airworthiness – Flight Permit Evaluation
  • Airworthiness – Maintenance Control Evaluation
  • Airworthiness – Maintenance Training Program Evaluation
  • Airworthiness – Type Certificate Acceptance
  • Aviation Security -  Aircraft Operator Security Audit
  • Aviation Security - Airport Security Audit Checklist
  • Aviation Security - ATS Service Provider Audit Checklist
  • Aviation Security - Aviation Security Actual Procedures Audit Template
  • Aviation Security - Aviation Security Training Audit Template
  • Aviation Security - Daily Aviation Security Control
  • Aviation Security - Ground Handler Security Audit Template
  • Flight Operations - Aircraft Ground Handling Checklist
  • Flight Operations - All Weather and Low Visibility Operations Evaluation
  • Flight Operations - Aviation Security Manual Evaluation
  • Flight Operations - Dangerous Goods Training Program Evaluation Checklist
  • Flight Operations - Emergency Evacuation and Ditching Demonstration Plan Evaluation
  • Flight Operations - Exit Row Seating Evaluation Checklist
  • Flight Operations - Ground handling manual evaluation
  • Flight Operations - Passenger Briefing Card Checklist
  • Flight Operations - Quality Assurance System Evaluation Checklist
  • General - Aircraft Ad-Hoc Inspection Checklist
  • General - Aircraft Arrival
  • General - Aircraft departure
  • General - ATS Service Provider Audit Checklist

How to Use

This module is required to support a range of airline compliance requirements.

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Module Contains

29 dashboards
Object type
24 object types
24 forms
52 filters
1 workflow
Dashboard Guide
4 dashboard guides
1 list
Map Data Source
96 data sources
map layer
96 layers
48 maps