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Aviation - Airport Part 139 Inspections


This module contains records of Part 139 Compliance inspections for airports.



  • Airport Part 139 Inspection Work Order

Continuous Surveillance

  • CS Construction
  • CS Foreign Object Debris
  • CS Fuelling Operations
  • CS Ground Vehicles
  • CS Public Protection
  • CS Snow & Ice Removal
  • CS Wildlife Hazard Management

Daily - Regularly Scheduled Inspections

  • DRS Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
  • DRS Construction
  • DRS Fuelling Operations
  • DRS Lighting
  • DRS Markings
  • DRS Navigation Aids (NAVAIDs)
  • DRS Obstructions
  • DRS Paved Areas
  • DRS Public Protection
  • DRS Safety Areas
  • DRS Snow and Ice Control Inspection
  • DRS Wildlife Hazard Management

Period Continuous Inspection

  • PCI Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
  • PCI Fuel Storage Areas and Loading / Unloading Stations
  • PCI Lighting
  • PCI Markings
  • PCI Mobile Fuelers
  • PCI Navigation Aids (NAVAIDs)
  • PCI Obstructions
  • PCI Paved Area
  • PCI Signs

Special Condition Assessments

  • SCI Construction
  • SCI Marking and Signs
  • SCI Paved Areas
  • SCI Safety Areas
  • SCI Snow and Ice
  • SCI Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (SMGCS)

How to Use

This module is used by the Compliance Officer and inspection personnel.

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Module Contains

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37 object types
Dashboard Guide
4 dashboard guides
37 forms
5 lists
43 dashboards
5 charts
81 filters
Map Data Source
107 data sources
map layer
114 layers
70 maps
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