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Dataminr Pulse Integration


Together Noggin 2.0 and Dataminr Pulse provide an integrated solution that enables you to quickly and effectively respond to alerts and raise incidents, so that you can take action immediately and better protect your people, brand, and physical and digital assets.

If you use Dataminr Pulse in your organization, you can integrate it with Noggin 2.0 to manage your alerts in the Noggin 2.0 system.

  • Manage Dataminr Pulse alerts in your Noggin system according to your business processes, through tasking, collaboration, investigation, entities of interest, and after-action reviews.
  • Create and manage incidents from alerts created by Dataminr Pulse.
  • Relate Dataminr Pulse alerts to incidents in Noggin 2.0.
  • See who and what is affected by an incident.
  • Turn Dataminr Pulse alerts into actionable insights using notifications and real-time analytics.


  • Create incidents in Noggin from Dataminr alerts
  • Alerts are categorized based on Alert, Urgent, and Flash alert types
  • View and manage an alert from a dashboard or form
  • Easily see who and what is affected by an alert
  • View a history of alerts in a table or on a map

How to Use

This module is included in all Noggin 2.0 products.

To use this module, enable the Dataminr Pulse integration in your system by following the steps provided for Dataminr Pulse in the Integrations center. Then use workflows to create incidents when objects are created based on the object type in this module to manage threats and events according to your business processes.

Note: As this module enables Dataminr Pulse to create objects in Noggin 2.0 it is locked, and you cannot make changes to the components. You can use the components in this module in your own configuration in a separate module.

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