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The world's leading integrated resilience workspace for risk and business continuity management, operational resilience, incident & crisis management, and security & safety operations.

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The world’s leading platform for integrated safety & security management.

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Work Health & Safety (WHS)

Work Health & Safety Software to Manage Every Aspect of Your HSE Program

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WHS Software built in line with the latest industry standards

Noggin Safety provides all the tools needed to automate your Plan, Do, Check, Act management cycle in a centralized, easy-to-use platform. Increase your organizational efficiency with Noggin's powerful automation capabilities and free your people up from administrative tasks. A single source of truth for all your health and safety data, the work health and safety management system also enables you to better leverage your critical information to provide real time insights to all levels of your business. With configurable notifications, workflows, analytics, and mapping, Noggin Safety also empowers your safety personnel to make better decisions wherever they are, driving your Safety program forward.

Designed For WHS and HSE Best Practice

Designed For WHS and HSE Best Practice

Built in line with industry-leading practices, Noggin Safety enables you to meet both your internal and external regulatory obligations by pulling all HSE data into a single, accessible solution that adapts as your organization changes.

Ease of Use Guaranteed

Ease of Use Guaranteed

Easy to use, Noggin’s workplace health and safety software gives administrators the power to tailor experiences for their end users, ensuring all interactions are as simple as possible, while still capturing the data required to generate meaningful insights.

Automated Safety-Related Workflows

Automated Safety-Related Workflows

Automate any aspect of safety management using Noggin’s no-code workflow, form, and dashboard designers. Align the leading practices available in Noggin’s health and safety software to your specific needs.

Health and Safety Software with Built-In Analytics

Health and Safety Software with Built-In Analytics

Use Noggin’s built-in analytics tools to empower all levels of your organization with real time insights. Easily integrate the platform with your chosen business intelligence tool or export your data to incorporate into your reporting.

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Empower Your Team with Safety Software They Can Use Anywhere

Empower Your Team with Safety Software They Can Use Anywhere

Access WHS Software from Any Device

Enable personnel to access all the forms and dashboards they need via mobile, tablet, or laptop/desktop devices, or by sharing public links to forms, creating QR codes, adding in-app buttons, or by using offline forms.

Use Relevant Data and Deploy Relevant Assets Easily

Empower personnel to manage risks and report on incidents where they happen. Give users easy access to forms where they can upload photos, map locations, and be guided through the reporting process by intuitive workflows.

Designed For Mobile Use

Enrich the quality of your safety data by enabling photo and video uploads and requesting GPS point and area location from mobile devices.

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A Centralized WHS Software System

Centralize All Your Safety Processes into a Single Work Health and Safety Management System

Centralize All Your Safety Processes in One Platform

Incident, Injury & Hazard Management

Comprehensive incident management tools help you effectively report and manage all environmental, health, and safety incidents. Share insights with personnel instantly using email, SMS, voice messages, or pop-up notifications when reports are made. Follow up with investigations, case management, corrective actions, and lessons learned. 

Training, Audits, & Inspections

Plan, conduct, and follow up using Noggin’s Library of pre-configured training, audit, and inspection templates or make your own using Noggin’s intuitive form and workflow designers. Get everyone going through the same inductions, by streamlining your induction process and enabling inductions to be completed online on any device. This enables you to track the status of all inductions in one location across multiple sites in real time.

Asset & WHS Stakeholder Management

Take asset management to the next level. Manage all your fixed and mobile assets including fleet, equipment, chemicals, and sites, by generating registers to access contextualized asset dashboards securely.

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Proactively Manage Worker Mental Health & Wellbeing

Proactively Manager Worker Mental Health & Wellbeing

Better Understand the Events that Impact Your Workers

More proactively respond to current events, using live weather and natural disaster maps, COVID-19 dashboards, and real-time news feeds that let you better understand how critical events are impacting workers across the globe.

Implement & Manage Support Initiatives

Implement initiatives that will support your workers, either by building your own templates or using ours. From notifications and welfare check tools to well-being reminders and content to improve mental resilience – the choice is yours.

Continuously Improve with Real-Time Insights

Better understand your workers and keep evolving your approach to mental health to increase engagement and productivity using well-being surveys, initiative participation rates, and well-being incident reporting metrics.

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Treat the Entire Risk Management Lifecycle to Ensure Better Prevention

Treat the Entire Risk Management Lifecycle to Ensure Better Prevention

Easily Identify Health and Safety Risks

Enable every level of your organization to participate in risk identification activities and permit to work management using Take 5, Safety Engagements, JHA, SWMS, Permit to Work, Bow Tie, and Organizational Risk Registers. 

Treat & Manage Risks

Manage the risks you identify using configurable risk matrixes and risk and control registers that support personnel to reassess risks as controls are applied. Tailor the model based on your organization’s unique risk management approach, while leveraging Noggin’s library of more than 6,000 risks and controls.

Drive Reviews & Continuous Improvement

Trigger reviews for any type of risk management process in either the identification, management, or review stages. Adjust the lifecycle based on your risk appetite, to ensure continuous improvement, better incident prevention, and that the appropriate corrective actions are taken.

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Access Real-Time Safety Analytics, On the Go

Access Real-Time Safety Analytics

Monitor Lead Indicators

Anticipate trends and issues before they make an impact. Promote visibility by providing every level of your organization with reporting and analytics, via their own dashboards based on personal, team, or organizational performance.

Track Lag Indicators

Keep relevant personnel informed of lag indicator performance in real time, while providing the ability to drill down into the incident details to identify better controls. 

Automate Your Reporting

Automate your reporting using real-time dashboards, have reports generated and sent to personnel on a set schedule, or generate your own ad-hoc reports.

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Go Beyond Safety Management - Handle All Your Critical Incidents Too

World’s leading platform

All critical incidents have a safety component. That’s why by taking an integrated approach, we go far beyond where other WHS software systems go. What do we mean?

You can add Noggin's Security Management software to manage all aspects of your security operation all in one platform. Gives you access to integrated Security incident, shift, log, patrol, asset, visitor, and event management functionalities.

And for crises that compromise worker safety, add Noggin's Crisis Management software to seamlessly scale up any incident by activating crisis management plans. Empower Crisis teams to respond effectively through collaboration and sharing of information. Deploy digital playbooks and checklists to automate responses and track critical tasks.

The same goes for disasters that threaten safety at work. You can add Noggin's Emergency Management software to gain access to a full emergency management system. Improve your emergency response by being able to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery from emergencies anytime, anywhere.

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