An Executive’s Guide to Organizational Resilience Standard ISO 22316

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What business leaders are saying about organizational resilience

Many of today’s business leaders ascended to the top in the pre-COVID era. They would be forgiven for not having heard of organizational resilience.

The ability of an enterprise to absorb and adapt in a changing environment wasn’t on too many people’s radars when the business environment was relatively predictable.

Now, that the environment is anything but, business leaders – the only people with visibility across the entire enterprise – must reorient their organizational cultures towards anticipating and responding to threats and seizing opportunities that arise from sudden changes.

Why: those that don’t stand to lose everything.

Unfortunately, a cursory look at the state of resilience suggests too many enterprises aren’t prepared.

When polled in 2021, a staggering 95 per cent of business leaders reported that their crisis management capabilities need improvement. More than 30 per cent acknowledged that they didn’t have a designated core crisis response team when the pandemic first struck. And only 35 per cent had a very relevant crisis response plan.

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