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Are Your Work Safety and Crisis Management Solutions Fit for Purpose?

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IT-driven software purchasing habits cost more than you think

Work safety and crisis risk – from the ongoing pandemic to natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and reputational threats – has never been higher. Yet, software purchasing habits, still dominated by IT preference for one-size-fits-all ERPs and CRMs over innovative, purpose-built SaaS solutions, haven’t evolved to meet the moment.

How bad is the issue?

In the latest, available analysis of software buyer preferences, Gartner reported that most purchasers continue to prefer known vendors; a paltry 13 per cent were open to any vendor with an interesting solution that met their needs.

In contrast, a staggering 22 per cent of buyers admitted that they would only consider approved or known vendors for new purchases; one in four would only consider approved or known vendors for replacement purchases.

Meanwhile, approximately two-thirds of buyers prefer approved or known vendors, either for new purchases (65 per cent) or replacements (63 per cent).

If those raw numbers aren’t bad, the reasoning is even worse. So-called tech debt and sunk costs are motivating buyers to stay with what they know.

And what they know are ERP and CRM platforms. Typically procured by IT for service management, cumbersome Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management solutions are seeing their applicability stretched beyond recognition to fit the work safety and crisis management use case.

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