Calculating the ROI of Business Continuity Management

Best Practice Guide

Business continuity is in vogue now. But executives have long doubted whether they’re getting their money’s worth.

Right now, business continuity is in fashion. Organizations, having performed post-mortems on their COVID response, reason that their preparations were inadequate; that they need to be more proactive in ensuring that mission-critical operations continue to work during unplanned disruptions.

It hasn’t always been like that. For a long time, organizations failed to resource business continuity programs adequately, viewing those programs as pure costs to the business.

Unfortunately, it’s not unlikely that this thinking will remerge once the present crisis threat recedes.

When that happens, how will business continuity practitioners get funding and prioritization for their programs?

We argue that practitioners will have to get comfortable making ROI-based arguments for business continuity management. Not sure how? This guide seeks to help practitioners deliver an executive-targeted business case for digital business continuity strategies and software platforms.

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