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How Noggin’s Business Continuity Software Measures up against the Rest


Business Continuity Management

Updated March 25, 2024

How Noggin’s Business Continuity Software Measures up against the Rest

In these uncertain times, technology has never been more important to build resilience and ensure businesses bounce back stronger after inevitable disruption.

Noggin, in particular, delivers advanced capabilities to enable organizations to respond and recover from challenges with greater agility and effectiveness. Driving continuous improvement, we’ve revolutionized resilience and preparedness, from training and simulation to response and recovery.

Differences in the BCM software market

But Noggin’s not the only player in the business continuity and resilience market. How do we stack up against our competitors?

Here are some of the main differences:

Superior vision and innovation

Noggin’s leading principle is “Resilience is a global objective,” and we’ve retooled our product strategy accordingly. That’s led to the launch of Noggin Resilience, a one-of-a-kind integrated resilience workspace.

Unrivaled on the market, this ten-in-one setup enables organizations to streamline their software providers, by offering a centrally governed platform that consolidates diverse data sources.

And it hasn’t taken too long before the superior vision and innovation behind the integrated resilience management garnered plaudits, with commendations for the wide array of capabilities we provide to manage business continuity and incident management.

The incumbent BCM Planning Software award winner, we’re no stranger to accolades. Acknowledging innovation and design, judges of the prestigious CIR Awards looked specifically to award the company that had incorporated into their product best practice within the field of business continuity management.

Built from the ground up with a clear purpose in mind

We don’t cite these tributes to boast but to emphasize one common refrain – Noggin is built from the ground up with a clear purpose in mind. Meanwhile, many of our leading competitors in the space are not.

And that matters when it comes time to use the platform. Rigorously neutral judges praise our smooth frontend experience. That experience only comes as a result of a backend that’s been built with a singular purpose, resilience.

On the other hand, some of our competitors have been built off of a dizzying backend of products. The user experience speaks for itself.

Easier customization

The gap with our competitors is nowhere starker than when it comes to customization. Like us, some of our competitors might be strong in business continuity, disaster recovery, and risk analysis, but when it’s time to change something with the platform, there’s no comparison.

Customizing their platform is labored and time consuming, often requiring development effort and extra cost.

What about us? Well, we offer intuitive drag-and-drop designer tools that enable easy customization of the Noggin platform without the need for extensive technical expertise or external assistance.

Better user experience

It’s not just about making changes, though; it’s also about using the platform. Some of our competitors have been criticized for being outdated and not terribly user friendly.

In contrast, Noggin has an intuitive and streamlined user interface, designed to be easily navigable and accessible for stakeholders at all levels within the organization.

Extensive mobile functionality

This is particularly the case when it comes to our mobile functionality. Noggin is fully mobile responsible, available on any device, and you only need to design your workspaces once.

Some of our competitors: their mobile functionality is limited in comparison to the desktop version. That means some features aren’t accessible or user-friendly on mobile devices. For example, critical workspaces have to be designed twice – once for desktop and once for mobile.

No gaps in related solution areas

As integrated resilience becomes an organizational norm, business continuity professionals are being thrust into the front line. They have to manage their core practice, but they also need to address a broader spectrum of needs across related solution areas.

We anticipated where the industry was going and architected our solution to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to resilience. Many of our competitors didn’t and haven’t. Whether it’s critical event management, crisis communications, or mapping, or emergency management, security & safety operations, and critical infrastructure protection, they don’t have the same ROI-enhancing coverage as we do.

Not all business continuity software providers are created equal

Finally, business continuity software has become a must-have. But not all BC software will do.

From innovation to configurability to user experience and more, we outstrip the competition and have the accolades to prove it. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Demo our product for yourself.

Request a demo and one of our Solutions Experts will walk you through the platform.

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