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How Noggin’s Business Continuity Software Prepares Your Company for Disruption


Business Continuity Management

Updated March 25, 2024

How Noggin’s Business Continuity Software Prepares Your Company for Disruption

Given the deteriorating risk environment, more and more business continuity professionals are turning to business continuity technology to help digitize traditional business continuity practices, such as identifying key vulnerabilities, scenario planning and simulation, and the business impact analysis (BIA).

The most mature programs, however, are going above and beyond, using technology to significantly transform their resilience and preparedness efforts, from training and simulation to response and recovery.

To drive ongoing improvements, these programs have been seeking out innovations that enable their organizations to anticipate, monitor, and respond to both natural and man-made risks with heightened precision and swiftness.

For that reason, they’ve been turning to Noggin. So, what exactly is the Noggin difference when it comes to preparing companies for any type of disruption? Read on to find out.

The Noggin difference

For starters, Noggin prepares organizations for adverse events and disruptions and keeps them ahead of the curve. With streamlined, integrated, and automated business continuity management, Noggin facilitates engagement and collaboration across all stakeholders, ensuring a unified approach to resilience.

We do this by standing at the cutting edge of industry best practice. With a product strategy geared toward modernizing the very tools needed in the provision of resilience and business continuity services, Noggin’s business continuity software relies on new technology to anticipate and identify trends as well as prevent situations that may generate an interruption.

What you get with Noggin’s Business Continuity software

Here are the other Noggin capabilities that will leave your company more confident in business continuity:

Simplify business continuity with a unified workspace

Noggin simplifies business continuity by unifying all your activities and data from business impact analyses, dependency mapping, exercises, and recovery strategies into an integrated resilience workspace to enable streamlined and centralized management of your entire business continuity program.

Engage stakeholders with business continuity planning

Noggin facilitates collaboration and engagement across your business continuity activities, empowering stakeholders with a better understanding of risks, the potential impact of disruption, and their roles and responsibilities, fostering a greater sense of ownership and accountability for the organization’s resilience.

Gain real-time visibility into your readiness

Noggin provides real-time visibility into potential vulnerabilities, risks, and gaps to enable timely action to prevent or mitigate them. Stakeholders can test the effectiveness of the business continuity program through exercises and facilitate continuous improvement from lesson learned and insights to refine strategies and processes.

Automate key continuity tasks to save time and effort

Noggin’s powerful workflow and automation platform simplifies business continuity by streamlining time-consuming approvals to enhance operational efficiency, automating real-time notifications to ensure effective coordination of your continuity efforts, and by automating recovery strategies to improve response times.

Key Noggin Business Continuity features

There’s never enough time when a disruption happens. That’s why Noggin emphasizes greater automation of business continuity tasks.

In the process, we improve efficiency and generate significant savings in response, recovery, and restoration times. Here are the features that help:

Business impact analysis (BIA)

Simplify your business impact analysis process and drive engagement across your organization using Noggin’s built-in BIA tool that guides you through the process step-by-step, ensuring your BIAs are rich with insightful data to help you truly understand how your business works.

Recovery strategies

Use a consistent recovery strategy across your organization that allows you to define your strategies, response plans, roles and responsibilities, and pre-assigned checklists. Deploy these in seconds when disruption hits, to ensure the best response.

Business continuity plans (BCP)

Replace paper-based, static business continuity plans with dynamic, digitized BCPs that ensure your plans are always up-to-date and quickly available for all your users, on any device.

Dependency mapping

Quickly identify dependencies between business activities and supporting assets or vendors and stay informed when one is at risk. Visualize and track dependencies to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks effectively.

Exercises and scenario testing

Don’t wait for a real-world crisis to test your organization’s readiness. With Noggin’s exercise management solution, you can be confident that teams are prepared to handle any situation that comes their way.

Business continuity monitoring

Noggin’s flexible dashboards and analytics capabilities ensure you always cater to your unique stakeholders, increasing visibility, transparency, and appreciation of business continuity across your organization.


Consolidate data to gain valuable insights and visualize it through interactive dashboards, enabling a proactive approach to managing business continuity processes, and uncover valuable insights for continuous improvement.


Create custom reports that summarize historical data with the help of charts, recommendations, and automated approvals. Export these as PDF or Word documents and share with stakeholders and executives to empower informed decision-making and strengthen resilience.


Finally, disruption is a matter of when not if. That’s why companies are increasingly turning toward Noggin to satisfy their business continuity and resilience software needs.

But don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at Noggin’s award-winning business continuity software for yourself.

Request a demo today, and a Solutions Expert will walk you through the platform.

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