The incident response software solution for managing crisis in your business.

Meet Noggin Crisis, the next-generation crisis management software solution for teams. Designed to help corporate crisis and business continuity management teams collaborate, plan, track their response, and share information. Noggin Crisis gives response teams and decision makers the tools they need to know what’s happening, collaborate quickly, make better decisions, and enact the right plans to take action when it counts most.

Do more with Noggin Crisis

All of the features and functionality of Noggin Core, plus: 

Clipboard with clock in front of it.

Report and manage all crises, incidents, and issues in a single flexible platform

A group of people, a medical cross, and a security shield all connected with a line.

Activate crisis and incident management teams including structures and roles

Group of four people.

Manage incident response tasks, log and share updates, decisions, facts, and assumptions, and produce situation reports and briefings

Group of people next to a mobile device.

Easily collaborate with your team via chat rooms for each event

Group of people around a bulletin board.

Manage crisis team, business continuity and other contacts

Grid of squares.

Easily create crisis strategies and action plans from Noggin’s best-practice library, and tailor them to your organization

Person next to a Clipboard.

Conduct exercises, post-incident reviews, and lessons learned

File folder with documents coming out of it.

Ensure all your important documents, releases and other critical files are always at your fingertips

Mobile device with speech bubble coming out of the screen.

Communicate about events via email, SMS, or Noggin app notifications

Flow chart.

Automate and lead people through your procedures, with fully-configurable workflows

Looking to learn how crisis management software can streamline your operations?

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Crisis Management Software: A Buyers Guide

The crisis threat is growing in kind, intensity, and most recently cost. According to an internal Deloitte study, crisis-struck companies in the U.S. lost $350 billion in market valuation and $45 billion in resulting losses, fines, and penalties over a period of two short years.

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Getting Started with Crisis Management

Launching a crisis management competency at your company? Or taking that capability to the next level?
Then you already know that crisis can happen to any company, at an time. But effective crisis management means more than just acknowledging the likelihood of crisis. Crisis management takes a thorough understanding of both the nature of crisis and the stages of crisis management.

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Crisis Management Planning: An Introductory Guide

Corporate crisis continues to grow in kind, cost, and intensity. Only last year, we experiences a 25% net gain in the number of trackable crises. Meanwhile, crisis-related work stoppages easily cost businesses upwards of $1 million per hour.

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The Definitive Guide to Effective Crisis Decision Making

When crisis strikes, it moves fast – really fast. As for our ability to make effective , rapid-fire decisions, it doesn't always keep up.
Let's face it. Teams rarely make decisions in such high pressure conditions, where information is imperfect, communication is ad hoc, and stress is acute. So that's why we created this definitive guide to crisis decision making that presents crisis leaders with an intuitive training model to get crisis decision making right.

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End-to-end crisis management software, built for industry:

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Noggin solution for Public Safety


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