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The world's leading integrated resilience workspace for risk and business continuity management, operational resilience, incident & crisis management, and security & safety operations.

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The world’s leading platform for integrated safety & security management.

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Noggin Exhibiting at the HASANZ Conference 2022

What to expect at the HASANZ Conference 2022

The flagship conference for workplace health and safety professionals in New Zealand, the HASANZ Conference 2022 is back to in person, giving attendees the rich opportunity to reconnect with key players across all disciplines, as well as business leaders and policy makers.

In this extended age of COVID, it's a rare chance, indeed, to network, share know-how, and grow how-to in an area we’re all passionate about – keeping our people safe and healthy.

What’s more, HASANZ conference 2022 organisers are designing a quality programme, a blend of heavy hitting international and local keynote speakers on relevant health and safety topics and the latest trends.

And that’s exactly why Noggin will be there. We never miss a conference with substance – and this one’s dedicated to extracting the best every second.

Plus, this year’s conference offers you choice. Instead of one programme stream, conference organisers are repeating the popular format of keynote addresses plus a range of concurrent sessions.

Noggin featuring best-practice safety management software at the HASANZ Conference 2022

And so, when you’re up to date on the latest expert guidance, cruise by to see how we’ve implemented safety best practice into our Noggin for Safety Management platform, which has been built in line with the latest industry standards.

That means we provide all the tools needed to automate your Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) management cycle in a centralised, easy-to-use platform.

Increase the organisational efficiency of your Safety function with Noggin's powerful automation capabilities that let you free your people up from administrative tasks.

A single source of truth for all your health and safety data, our work health and safety management system also enables you to better leverage critical information to provide real time insights to all levels of your business.

And finally, with configurable notifications, workflows, analytics, and mapping, Noggin Safety also empowers your safety personnel to make better decisions wherever they are, driving your Safety program forward.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check us out at this year’s HASANZ Conference 2022.