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Three Capabilities to Consider in a Resilience Management Platform

In resilience, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift away from protecting individual organizations and towards preventing incidents from impacting consumers and wider markets. As a result, organizations must ask themselves if they have the capabilities to quickly adapt. Not sure what they are? 

The case for integrated resilience management software

On the technology front, you can’t do much better than investing in an integrated digital solution to cover all aspects of resilience management, including crisis and incident management, situational awareness, business continuity, risk and compliance, security operations, and threat intelligence.

Why integrated, though? Integrated resilience management technology ensures that all necessary capabilities are in one place, i.e., resilience data, reporting, and analysis are all consolidated and available across their entire lifecycle.

But why?

Besides eliminating information silos, integration provides a consistent user experience. Practitioners manage any type of event with familiar tools and workflows.

And not just any type, but any scale of incident, as well – from routine to crisis. And that’s because the cumulative effect of such approach is the lowering of total cost of ownership (TCO).

What other capabilities matter most to achieve your resilience aims? These three fit the bill:


A resilience workplace should be able to consolidate all of your resilience data in one secure, centrally governed platform, as opposed to the typical practice of running different point solutions for communication, collaboration, risk, incident management, safety, security, business continuity planning, and more.

The platform-first approach also cuts down on integration work (and costs), while avoiding the user experience messiness so common in this field.

That’s not all, though.

Organizations should look for a platform that comes equipped with no-code designers. That makes it easier to adapt and change as needed, by configuring new modules to solve novel use cases.


Getting started quickly is important, but your resilience management platform should also make life easier for the team when it’s up and running, as well.

Needed to make that happen is a platform with a powerful workflow engine. This engine should allow Managers to automate key resilience tasks, by building their own workflows with notifications, business rules, approvals, and much more.

Dynamic planning

Finally, the resilience management platform itself should function as a plan. That way when organizations need to develop their business continuity plans, crisis plans, or any other plans, all the data they have previously entered seamlessly comes together.

Managers, then, won’t have to go sifting through documents to find the data they need. And the risk of someone referencing an out-of-date BCP during a crisis is removed.

What’s more, because the plan is in the platform, multiple stakeholders will be able to collaborate on the plan, which enables better engagement.

All data associated with building the BCP will also be managed centrally, in a controlled way. Data, after all, only need be captured once and updated, removing the risk of duplication.

Of course, those three core capabilities don’t cover all that’s needed in a resilience management platform. What are the rest? Download our Resilience Management Software Buyer’s Guide to find out.

Resilience Management Software Buyer's Guide - Download Now