Introducing the Free Noggin 2.0
COVID-19 Response Module
for Businesses

In order to support our customers and the broader community, we've quickly developed a free COVID-19 Response Module available in Noggin 2.0. The COVID-19 Response Module was created to help agencies respond to the coronavirus and protect their people and operations from the virus threat.

What is the Noggin COVID-19 Response Module? 

A set of dashboards for organisations to prepare for, and manage their response to the coronavirus pandemic. Encompassing business continuity, crisis management, travel risk management and worker safety, it helps:

Plan and manage your response to the crisis

  • Situational awareness
  • Authoritative guidelines, maps, and facts
  • Best-practice plans and checklists to help you determine your response
  • Logging of updates, tasks, and decisions

Prepare your workplace & protect your people

  • Numerous best-practices and guidelines for safe workplaces and PPE
  • Worker health and welfare tracking and case management
  • Worker health surveillance, temperature reporting
  • Travel risk assessment for relaxation of restrictions

Manage your supply chain

  • Identify, assess, and manage the risks of disruption
  • Track supply chain and supplier dependencies
  • Record and manage actions and decisions to address or prevent blockages

Manage potential infections

  • Guidelines for positive worker tests
  • Simple worker contact tracing
  • Worker case management & individual return-to-work plans
  • Antibody screening results tracking


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Check out the Noggin 2.0 Epidemic Response Module features in more detail -

Overview of the Return to Work and Business Recovery Features in the Noggin COVID-19 Response Module [VIDEO]:

Epidemic Response Module Video


Epidemic Monitoring Launchpad:

image (55)


Situational Awareness:

Situational Awareness

Worker Health Status

Worker health status


Workplace Safety Guidelines & Plans:

Workplace Safety Plan


Facility PPE Burn Rate Calculator (Adapted from the CDC:)

PPE calculator


Supply Chain Impact Dashboard:


Epidemic Event Dashboard:

Epidemic event dashboard


Epidemic Event Situation Monitoring:

COVD map embedded


Epidemic Response Plans & Actions:

image (19)


Epidemic Plans & Response: 

Epidemic Plans & Response

Worker Case Management: 

Case managment - detail


Office & Location Monitoring Dashboard: 

Office status dashboard


Office & Location Status Dashboard: 

Office Monitoring Dashboard


Impact & Case Management: 

Impact & Case Management

Epidemic Event Situation Monitoring: 

Epidemic event monitoring


Epidemic Event Decisions:

Epidemic Event Decisions


Epidemic Event Travel Restrictions & Advisories: 

Travel Restrictions


Fully Mobile - Access From Anywhere in the World: 

Untitled design (1)

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