Introducing the Noggin 2.0
Epidemic Response Module

In order to support our customers and the broader community, we've quickly developed an Epidemic Response Module available in Noggin 2.0. The Epidemic Response Module was created to help agencies respond to the novel coronavirus event and protect their people and operations from the virus threat.

What is the Epidemic Response Module? 

A set of dashboards for organisations to prepare for, and manage their response to, the Coronavirus epidemic. Encompassing business continuity, crisis management, travel risk management and worker safety, it provides:

  • Situational awareness
  • Authoritative guidelines, maps and facts
  • Best-practice plans and checklists to help you determine your response
  • Logging of updates, tasks and decisions
  • Case management for affected workers

You can also manage supply chain impact within the Epidemic Response Module: 

  • Identify, assess, and manage the risks of disruption caused by the epidemic, to products and suppliers
  • Track supply chain and supplier dependencies
  • Track parts of materials at risk of supply disruption
  • Record and manage actions and decisions made in response to those risks, to address or prevent blockages


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Check out the Noggin 2.0 Epidemic Response Module features in more detail -

Overview of the Noggin 2.0 Epidemic Response Module [VIDEO]:

Epidemic Response Module Video


Epidemic Monitoring Launchpad:

Epidemic Monitoring Launchpad


Situational Awareness:

Situational Awareness

Supply Chain Impact Dashboard:


Epidemic Event Dashboard:

Epidemic event dashboard



Epidemic Event Situation Monitoring:

Epidemic event situation monitoring


Epidemic Response Plans & Actions:

Epidemic Response Plan


Epidemic Plans & Response: 

Epidemic Plans & Response

Employee Case Status Dashboard: 

Employee Case Status Dashboard


Office & Location Monitoring Dashboard: 

Office Monitoring Dashboard


Office & Location Status Dashboard: 

Office status dashboard


Impact & Case Management: 

Impact & Case Management

Epidemic Event Situation Monitoring: 

Epidemic event monitoring


Epidemic Event Decisions:

Epidemic Event Decisions


Epidemic Event Travel Restrictions & Advisories: 

Travel Restrictions


Fully Mobile - Access From Anywhere in the World: 

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