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Join Noggin at the 3rd Venue Security & Safety Summit: An event to help ensure operational continuity of venues, events, and facilities

Posted by The Brain on Mar 21, 2019 4:50:04 AM


We’re just days out from the 3rd Venue Security & Safety Summit, set to be held this March 26 and 27 in Melbourne. The event brings leading security professionals together to discuss how the implementation of effective and practical strategies of prevention, preparation, response, and recovery helps ensure operational continuity and sustainability. And the best part is Noggin will be there, with an exhibitor’s table right in the thick of things.

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So, why join us? Just take a look at the key themes to be tackled: planning and preparing for the unexpected, preventing and protecting against internal and external threats, designing and applying real-time response procedures, and building risk management into business continuity and disaster recovery. If you’re at least passingly involved with business continuity and planning, physical security, or crisis management, those topics couldn’t be more relevant.

And what’s more, all-hazards planning is increasingly integral to ensuring operational continuity, physical security, and safety if you’re a major event stakeholder. The reason is clear. Major events, whether international summits, political conventions, large-scale sporting events, or music festivals, pose outsized risk, especially if they’re viewed as political, social, or religious in orientation.

But on the physical security front, operations to combat common threats – think, terrorism, active shooter, even severe weather – have traditionally been command and control-oriented, which means limited capacity for real-time incident reporting from the field. That’s a clear practical shortcoming. So, too, is the fact that too many incumbent technologies don’t integrate crisis management with operational and physical security management, making the transition from business as usual to full-bore crisis response cumbersome rather than seamless.

Looking for ways to stand up your physical security operations quickly? Then stop by our table and chat. In the meantime, enjoy a complimentary guide to effective major-event management.

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Event details:

What: 3rd Venue Security & Safety Summit
When: March 26 to 27
Where: Pullman Melbourne Albert Park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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