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Join Noggin at the AAAE International Airport Emergency Management Conference

Posted by The Brain on Jul 12, 2019 3:12:32 AM


Airports have never been busier. But luckily, thanks to the professionalism of airport operators, traffic flows smoothly; passengers get processed efficiently; and the planes themselves come and go.

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Topics: Emergency Management, Airports

Time to Get a Handle on Safety Underreporting

Posted by The Brain on Jul 4, 2019 3:47:20 AM


Conservative estimates of safety underreporting rates show the global total around 25 percent. That’s a full quarter of workplace incidents go underreported.

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Topics: Work Health Safety

Achieve Organizational Resilience by Deploying a Business Continuity Management System

Posted by The Brain on Jul 4, 2019 1:56:30 AM


Beyond business continuity planning, the need to move to a business continuity management system

As a practice, Business Continuity Management aims to maintain essential functions in the event of a disaster or other, major disruption. Organizations get that. After all, they’ve poured time and money into developing business continuity management plans.

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Topics: Business Continuity

The Business Benefits of Workflow Automation

Posted by The Brain on Jun 28, 2019 4:59:54 AM


Business process management implementations, useful as they are, aren’t ends. They’re means. Organizations engage in those implementations to effect larger transformations. After all, businesses are looking to gain concrete outcomes, results like better alignment, increased agility, flexibility, and innovation, cost reduction, deprecation of legacy applications, better compliance management, etc. The question is: how can workflow automation help organizations secure those business benefits?

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How Woolworths Achieved Key Business Improvements

Posted by The Brain on Jun 26, 2019 4:49:07 AM


Everyone knows Woolworths. It’s no overstatement to say that Woolworths is synonymous with the Australian supermarket. After all, the mega-retailer accounts for some 80 percent of market share, a fixture in Australia’s (and New Zealand’s) cities, towns, and rural communities.

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Topics: Case Study, Public Safety, Security Management

Dedicated Partner Track at the Upcoming Noggin User Conference

Posted by Gunnar Habitz on Jun 20, 2019 1:20:11 AM


Talking to our partners every day, I feel their excitement when discussing the new Noggin 2.0 integrated safety and security platform. Going through a demo is proof positive of how the new intuitive approach of a mobile-first platform enables adding partner services and guaranteeing a mutually beneficial outcome.

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Topics: Conferences & Events, Noggin Partners

Join Noggin at the 2019 National Homeland Security Conference

Posted by The Brain on Jun 12, 2019 2:30:51 AM


The premier, comprehensive homeland security event in the nation, the 2019 National Homeland Security Conference brings together an impressive array of homeland security professionals. 

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Topics: Crisis Management, Incident Management, Security Management, Conferences & Events, Emergency Response

Not just Silicosis: Overall Environmental, Health and Safety risk on the rise

Posted by The Brain on Jun 6, 2019 4:22:12 AM


In Australia, environmental health and safety risk is getting critical. On the contemporary events broadcast, A Current Affair, respiratory physician, Dr Ryan Hoy singled out the silicosis crisis, calling it “unprecedented” – even warning that silicosis was worse than asbestosis.

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Topics: Work Health Safety

Best-practice Tips to Lead Your Crisis Team of Experts

Posted by The Brain on Jun 6, 2019 12:49:59 AM


When crises strike, leaders convene crisis teams comprised of internal experts. You know, senior managers with the requisite professional and technical expertise to deal with the critical event at hand.

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Topics: Crisis Management, Critical Issues Management, Crisis Planning

Join Noggin at the 2019 Australian & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference

Posted by The Brain on Jun 5, 2019 7:59:00 AM


The case for interoperability, especially the efficient transfer of relevant data between agencies, couldn’t be clearer. For one, any number of after-action reports have cited a lack of interagency cooperation as contributing to mission setbacks, even historic failures. 

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Topics: Emergency Management

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