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How to Ensure Clients Implement Your Crisis Plans

Posted by Gunnar Habitz on Oct 29, 2019 6:50:56 AM
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Eighty-four percent of organisations have a crisis management plan in place according to Deloitte’s global crisis survey, “Stronger, fitter, better.” Unfortunately, they don’t test those plans regularly.

External consultants often contribute to crisis plan development. How then can they increase the value of the engagement, by helping their end clients take the decisive step to crisis preparedness?

Consultants are probably accustomed to end-customers seeking crisis advisory services after they’ve experienced a critical incident – and probably botched the response. That’s when external experts are usually called in to dramatically rework existing crisis and crisis communication response procedures and turn out a best-practice crisis management plan. After that, the expert schedules an exercise drill with relevant stakeholders, to test crisis scenarios under crisis-like conditions.

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Typically, though, the engagement ends there. Maybe, the consultant checks in a year later to see whether those crisis protocols have been adopted.

But according to the data, it’s unlikely that they have. The plans, in particular, just lie fallow. That is unless the consultant in question adds an end-to-end crisis management technology solution to ensure adoption of crisis management best practices.

So, what does that solution look like? To overcome common crisis management pitfalls, the end-to-end software solution manages more common critical issues as well as the critical events that those issues so often precipitate. For the purpose of users, there should be no differentiation in the way that business-as-usual activities and crises are managed in the same system. That way the solution becomes part of the way the business collaborates, plans, tracks response, and shares information on a daily business – not just under stressful crisis conditions.

Where does the consultant come in? Well, the external expert adds increased crisis preparedness value as the crucial resource to the end client, not only for crisis preparedness advice and plan creation but for technology implementation services, as well. After all, the consultant is the person best situated to bring a next-generation crisis management software solution, like Noggin Crisis, to life.

The key benefits of Noggin Crisis that consultants can maximize include the fact that the solution can be deployed quickly, often in just weeks following a workshop to gather requirements, a code-free implementation, and training with relevant employees, so they can learn how to use the flexible system to maximum advantage.

The system also provides central knowledge sharing of any incident; seamless integrations with relevant external systems also ensure that relevant data is accessible when it matters most. End-users enjoy a mobile-responsive experience, which in turn drives increased acceptance of the technology. What’s more, post incident, the system also initiates after action reviews, so best practices can be adopted in the future.

Finally, crises might be on the rise, but thanks to consultants and advanced technology, all companies, irrespective of size, have it well within their capacity to prepare. Small and medium-sized businesses, working alongside well-trained partners, can prepare for every stage of the incident lifecycle. And those partners will be well-supported by Noggin Crisis to help end-clients manage their disruptions, smarter.

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